The sin that excites

The night is silent, save your breath I feel your beat, your pulse through your skin Soft, smooth, scarred and sacrificed I'm aroused by your imperfection Your breasts are my pillows, intoxicating and welcoming A place to lay my hands and head, safe in my lust Your nipples between my lips, my most dangerous kiss …


A page from The Acid Diaries

The most interesting shit happens when no one is looking. Webs. Prisoner. My Father. Purple and orange form the street light's glow. Body processes. I can no longer feel the smoke, but I know it's blue. Will she ever notice me again? Is it even still me in here? Where is the man she fell …

Tales from the Driver’s Side available on Kindle

About 3 am today, "Tales from the Driver's Side: Confessions of a Rideshare Driver" went live on Amazon Kindle. So, kindle and kindle app users, can download it using the link below. I thank you all for your support and would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a review. X