So, firstly, let us not forget to honor our Veterans today, including most of my friends and a huge part of my family.  Thank you for your sacrifices and everything you do.

Secondly, this will be my first post into the metaphysical; I couldn’t hold out and today seems like a perfect day for it due to it’s significance in the field of numerology.

As far as being a writer, seeing the double 11 is seen to us as conductive to success.  So, I guess I should work on more stories!  According to numerology, events that happen in connection with 11:11, whether it be on the clock, your odometer, the date, etc., occur more often than can be explained away by coincidence or chance.

In sacred geometry, 11 represents two pillars, one of energy and one of manifestation.  The two pillars combined (like a gateway) (11) and doubled (11 11) is supposed to be like a mega-conductor for manifestation. This year is enhanced by the current “scorpion moon.” Also, it is the last Nov. 11 in this 9-year cycle.

Anyway, that’s my hippie shit for the day.  Don’t forget the super moon on the 14th, closest the moon has been to the Earth since 1948. (Great night to charge and cleanse your crystals.)


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