Thoughts.  I have them.

Today’s thoughts are on a phrase I absolutely hate: “It’s not fair.”  We hear this phrase attributed to the most asinine of subjects.  “Gas prices went up a penny.  That’s not fair.”  Not fair to whom?  What have you done with your short existence that means you shouldn’t be affected by rising gas prices?    Who is to blame for this perceived impartiality and unfairness?  More often not, you’re complaining over something that you approved of.

So let me touch on a little somethings that are truly “not fair.”  Children dying of hunger and disease, unable to get to clean water while the warlords and the elite hoard medicines and food.  Rapists getting off with probation or spending less than a nickle in jail while we shame the victims and peaceful people are serving 15 years for possessing a plant.  Good, honest people working and struggling to provide for their families and battling crippling depression while cunts like the Kardashians are millionaire fame whores who contribute nothing but evil to society; but that same struggling parents’ daughters want to grow up to be just like those useless bitches.  The fact the Real Housewives of wherever is still on the air.   The fact that right now, at this moment, dozens of children are being abused by a parent or caregiver while the other parent knows and does nothing to stop it.  The fact that violent criminals in prison have tablets, taxpayer funded healthcare, and better (more frequent) meals than some of this country’s’ children.

Why am I getting all sentimental and political?

I’m not.  This world is not real.  It’s all a mask, a facade.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


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