TftDS CH10 Part 6: Indecent Proposal Part 1 Teaser

I get the notification right as I entered the downtown area and headed towards the dropped pin. The pick up location was in the middle of a park, so there wasn’t really any way to tell where the client would be waiting. I had circled the park twice when I saw two girls standing on the corner. I’m hoping that they requested a ride and I’m not about to pull up on two hookers because there are cops everywhere. They booth looked a little bigger, wearing similar low-cut tank tops and short shorts with knee-high leather boots; like they called each other up and decided that they were going to wear the most horrible clothes they could find. Speaking solely on appearances, the possibility of their being prostitutes still exists.



I pull up to the curb in front of them and one of the girls, a blonde in a purple tank with a gray sweater draped over her, crannied her neck around to peer into my window before smacking her friend excitedly. The friend, who was clad in mainly black and looked slightly less cliché, got in first and greeted me before the girl in purple plopped down and before I could say anything and before her friend finished saying hello: she opened the conversation with a sharp “You’re cute!” I don’t agree, most of you wouldn’t either, but I thanked her for the compliment while the girl in black mocked her for being so forward. Alas, like most people who have had “one too many,” she took it a little further than things needed to go.



Purple: “Like, ‘I would like to swallow your semen’ cute.”



Quite brash, I agree. What stuck with me the most was that had to be proper vulgar thing to say. She didn’t use a euphemism or and slag. She didn’t say she wanted to “taste my jizz,” or “lick my cum” or anything like that. “I would like to swallow your semen.” It was very proper. I’m almost disappointed that the statement wasn’t more of a “I would fancy swallowing a load of your fine semen, good Sir” with a Elizabethan British accent. That would have been both awe-inspiring and super fucking awkward.


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