Reader Question – 1 Aug 17

This question comes from a family member, and they refused to go easy on me for the first question asked.


“If a human has reached a para-sensory level that includes the perception of the para-sensory universe, Is the body still necessary? Does the physical brain matter in this instance? I base this on the physics of nonmaterial things. For example, if a human can perceive below the level of subatomic particles and also be able to manipulate said level, will the physical brain be necessary for survival?”


I wish I could give an easy, straight-forward answer.  But there simply isn’t one of this one.  I actually considered saying that there was too many big words that I didn’t understand.  A lot of it falls into two categories that always start a fight.  Belief and faith.  Although quantum physics is attempting to “prove” that we are actually star material and space dust, which several less-modern religions also believe.  It is believed that that is the reason we are as connected to the universe as we are.

Breaking it down, parasensory is a synonym for extra-sensory according to  Perceiving the parasensory universe through our innate human intuitive abilities, basically extrasensory perception (ESP) has been a debated topic for a few decades at least.  But I’m only a few decades old, so that’s all I remember.  But, the question also started with the word “if” so let’s keep things hypothetical.

All humans have some sort of psychic ability and each of us respond differently to it.  For some it’s mediumship or full blown ESP; for others it could be something as simple as getting an off feeling when meeting someone knew.  Like every muscle and every skill, it has to be exercised if you want it to get stronger.

Now, is the body still necessary? Depending on your belief system, no.  We are all beings of consciousness at a low vibrational level.  Raising and lowering our natural vibration can help us tune in to the universe around us.  Lowering is never recommended unless really needed for some reason.  Raising our vibration can help us with a myriad of different tasks, including healing ourselves and others.


This is where I’m going to lose people.  You are not your body.  The body is a shell or prison for your immortal soul, which is consciousness.  There is your physical body, your astral body and your conscious body.  This correlates hand in hand with the planes of existence.

The elemental realm.

The physical realm.

The lower astral plane.

The upper astral plane.

The Elysium.

Trying to connect it to mainstream thinking : Hell, Earth, purgatory, and Heaven. Each can be reached by raising our vibrational frequency and moving into our astral bodies.

So, is the body needed?  Not in the grand scheme.  But as long as we are stuck on this Earth and in these bodies, unfortunately.  Some are trying to prove transcendence while still in these bodies and have gone as far as being able to bypass bodily needs, i.e., eating and drinking.  I can talk more about it later but if you’re interested: google “kahari mudra” “kundalini” and “the sun eaters.”

While we are attached to consciousness, we are connected to everyone and everything because we are one.  That is the reason why sensitive people can develop esp or see auras, or be empaths.

All matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration.  Matter can neither be created or destroyed.  We are all connected to the same matter through consciousness.  This is why we can sense and feel things at a subatomic level.  And the most powerful way to influence these things is through thought.  Our thoughts create our reality.  We we think about, we attract and we become.  It is the consciousness of matter reacting to us.

In conclusion, I don’t think I answered your question at all.  Based on your beliefs, no the body is not necessary and once we learn to transcend our ego and these bodies we will realize that we are all connected, and that connection is the reason we can feel and sense things; even across matter and it’s source: Ether.



4 Replies to “Reader Question – 1 Aug 17”

  1. The funny part is, I’m watching Dr. Strange while I’m reading this. I love it when things coalesce in a way that seems beyond coincidental. The good Doctor, I think, is a good example of how the body serves to bring awareness to the mind. His injuries forced him to seek out knowledge that he would’ve never otherwise attained, and maybe that’s the whole point of existing on the physical plane. It’s not possible to truly understand pain and suffering without experiencing it first hand, and you can’t fix something if you don’t know how it works. It’s all connected, and it’s all necessary.


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