A diary of sorrows

Now that "Tales from the Drivers Side" is complete, I will be starting my next project: "A Diary of Sorrows," my first full stabat fiction. Once TftDS hits the market, I'll be taking down the rough drafts and adding drafts from ADoS. It's a tale of love, revenge, drugs, murder, and mystics. So once drafts …



Final edits on "Tales from the Driver's Side" have finally been completed. As soon as the cover art comes in, she'll be ready for publication. Thank you all for your support.


Tales from the Driver's side is pretty much done.  The only thing preventing me from publishing is cover art.  Here's hoping everything works out in my favor.  Happy 2018, fuckers.  Stay corrupt.

In Absentia

Sorry for the absence, my friends.  Life doesn't always go the way we plan it.  But, let's not dwell on the negative.  Tales from the Driver's Side is in its final stages before release and I have several other projects on deck.  nd, don't forget, I'm still fielding questions on the metaphysical.   Peace, Love, and Empathy …


Thoughts.  I have them. Today's thoughts are on a phrase I absolutely hate: "It's not fair."  We hear this phrase attributed to the most asinine of subjects.  "Gas prices went up a penny.  That's not fair."  Not fair to whom?  What have you done with your short existence that means you shouldn't be affected by …