TftDS: Chapter 10, Part 1. The Slovokian Traffic Cone. (NSFW)

I wasn't going to post this, but here we go.  I hope you enjoy and feel free to share.     The Slovokian Traffic Cone   Innuendo. It's a big word, I know. It basically means “hinting at fucking.” Okay, that's not exactly what it means, but close enough. I was mostly a weekend driver, …


Update 26 MAR 17

So life has been happening lately so my attention has been elsewhere.  But, my work on Tales from the Driver's Side is almost complete and the editing process has begun.  Finished drafts of the stories currently on my blog to be posted soon.  Sorry for the hiatus, but such is life.

Tales from the Driver’s Side: Confessions of a ride share driver. Chapter One: The times I pushed it too far. (Rough)

Chapter One: Times I pushed it too far. (Or: Planes, Trains, and WTF is that??) With a job like this, and a desperate for business as I was, I found myself often pushing the hours and telling myself “One more ride.” One turns into two, three, etc. Several times I got too caught up and …